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Single-authored Monographs

  • Koinova, Maria, "Time and Temporalities in Diaspora Politics," under contract with Oxford University Press.


  • Koinova, Maria, "Diaspora Entrepreneurs and Contested States" Oxford University Press, 2021.

    This book develops a theory of socio-spatial positionality in International Relations, and its implications for the individual agency of diaspora entrepreneurs. A two-level typological theory demonstrates how diaspora entrepreneurs interact with host-land foreign policies, homeland governments, parties, non-state actors, and critical events from different global contexts. The book offers the first comprehensive comparative analysis of diaspora lobbying in Europe, and integrates the study of fragile statehood with that of migrants' incorporation and transnationalism. It is informed by 300 interviews among the Albanian, Armenian, and Palestinian diasporas connected to de facto states, Kosovo, Nagorno-Karabakh, and Palestine respectively.
  • Google book Endorsements Reviews: Ethnic and Racial Studies, Nationalities Papers

  • Koinova, Maria, "Ethnonationalist Conflict in Postcommunist States: Varieties of Governance in Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Kosovo," University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013.

Tracing the development, continuity and change of informally institutionalized conflict dynamics in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Kosovo, this book analyzes why some conflicts were resolved with minimal violence after the end of communism while others broke out into civil war.

Synopsis of the book | Google book Review in Foreign Affairs (January/February 2014) | Excerpts from Journal Reviews 2014-2015

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