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Andy Mason



Email: a dot mason at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: D1.14, Social Sciences Building

Advice and Feedback Hours:

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I joined PaIS in 2012. I have previously held positions at the Universities of Southampton, Reading, Hull, St Andrews and Oxford. I have published a number of books the most recent of which is entitled What's Wrong with Lookism? Personal Appearance, Discrimination, and Disadvantage. My research interests lie in contemporary political theory, in particular: normative theories of citizenship; equality of opportunity and its place within a theory of justice; appearance and discrimination; multiculturalism as a normative approach to cultural and religious diversity; civic education, integration, and faith schooling; the significance of deep disagreement over moral and political issues for theories of justice and legitimacy; the distinction between ideal and non-ideal theory and the relationship between them. I would be happy to supervise research students in any of these or related areas.

Research projects

From 2015-20I8 I was involved in a research project with Matthew Clayton and Adam Swift on Faith Schools: Policies and Principles, funded by the Spencer Foundation.

From 2019-2023 I was engaged in research on Appearance, Discrimination, and Disadvantage, funded by a Leverhulme Research Project Grant

Since 2021 I have been involved in GOODINT, a research project based at the Arctic University of Norway, led by Annamari Vitikainen and Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen and funded by the Research Council of Norway. It examines how cultural diversity, together with differing degrees of equality of opportunity and social cohesion, affect successful integration in Britain, Hungary and Norway.

Link to my publications