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Political theory in the Anglo-American tradition, both historical and contemporary. Within the history of political-social thought, a particular interest in the emergence of industrial society and the developments in political thought associated with it, including theories of property and exploitation. In contemporary thought, a particular interest in theories of welfare and the normative grounding of the welfare state.


Key Publications

Property   English edition : Macmillan, London, 1986.  American edition: Humanities Press, N.Y., 1986. Japanese edition: trans. Koshi Takeshita and Toshiaki Ogose, Tokyo, 1989

Modern Theories of Exploitation, editor, Sage, London and Los Angeles, 1987.

Political Theory from Hobbes to Marx: key debates. Edited and introduced by Jack Lively and Andrew Reeve, Routledge, London and N.Y.,1988

Liberal Neutrality edited by Robert E. Goodin and Andrew Reeve, Routledge, London and N.Y., 1989.

Electoral Systems in Britain: A theoretical and comparative introduction (with Alan Ware), Routledge, London and N.Y, 1992.

Real Libertarianism: Essays on van Parijs. Edited by Andrew Reeve and Andrew Williams, Palgrave, London and N.Y., 2002.