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Junil Yoon

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Junil Yoon is a third year PhD candidate in the Department of Politics and International Studies (PAIS). He holds MA in International Relations from Seoul National University and BA in Business Administration/Politics and International Relations from Kyung Hee University. Before joining the University of Warwick, he worked as a research associate/project manager at a think tank in South Korea. He also worked at the Republic of Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff (ROK JCS) as an Army interpreter/intelligence officer in operations planning and completed his service as First Lieutenant.


Junil’s doctoral research is focused on the drivers of Japan’s changing foreign/security policy and national identity. Applying the concepts of ontological security and securitisation, he is particularly interested in analysing the impact of emotional narratives of the national trauma on Japan’s foreign/security policy and national identity. His PhD research is supervised by Professor Chris Hughes and Professor Nick Vaughan-Williams.


Between Peace and Revolution: The Peculiarity of Nosaka Sanzo’s ‘Lovable Communist Party’. Presented at the Korean Association of International Studies Annual Conference. (09 Dec 2017).


Junil Yoon, 2019. ‘Chrysanthemum Withered: The Faded Yoshida Doctrine and the Shift in the Japanese Security Policy Under the Abe Cabinet’, Korean Social Science Journal 46(1), pp.17-36

Junil Yoon, 2018. ‘Japanese Communist Party at the Crossroads: Between Peace and Revolution’, in Chaesung Chun Eds. Universality and Peculiarity of East Asian Regional Order. Seoul: Sahwepyungron. [in Korean; Original Title : 일본 공산주의의 딜레마: 혁명노선의 보편성과 특수성]


Japan Foundation Endowment Committee Fund


PO131: World Politics
Guest Lecturer: "Japan's Foreign Policy in Asia", Japanese 4 for Language Degree (LL319)

PO379: United States Foreign Policy
Guest Lecturer: "Japan's Contemporary Security Challenges", Japanese 4 for Language Degree (LL319)


Korean (Native proficiency)
Japanese (Professional fluency, JLPT N1)
English (Professional fluency)