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Double Masters in Journalism, Politics & International Studies

If you're interested in entering the exciting intellectual crossroads of politics, international studies, and the media, then the DoubleMasters in Journalism, Politics and International Studies is the programme for you. Born from the Alliance between Warwick and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, this programme partners our department with the School of Media, Film and Journalism, (MFJ), at Monash, in order to bridge the disciplinary connections between both subject areas.

Programme content

On this programme, you can either start at Warwick or Monash. You follow the taught portion of a single MA with us and the taught portion of the Master of Journalism in MFJ, (starting in July if you study at Monash first), and then combine your cross-disciplinary training in a final joint dissertation or journalism project. You will also have the chance to participate in combined virtual workshops and conferences.

While at Monash you will not only study the academic discipline of journalism but also receive practical training. There will also be opportunities for media or politics and international studies based internships during the course of the programme.

This blend of international, cross-disciplinary, theoretical, and practical training will prepare you well for a career in political or international journalism, or further research in this fertile area where politics and the media meet.

At the end of the degree, you will earn an 'MA in Journalism, Politics and International Studies: [your specialism title] (double degree with Monash University, Australia)' from Warwick as well as a corresponding Masters from Monash.

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