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The Waterloo Year

During your year at Waterloo, you will follow the MA in Global Governance (MAGG). The MAGG programme goes beyond the rigidities and formalities of established academic boundaries by drawing on a variety of disciplines, including economics, politics, history, sociology and environmental studies. Designed to be completed in sixteen months, the programme typically consists of two terms of course work; a third term in which students complete a Major Research Paper (MRP) on a specific research topic of their choosing relating to the study of global governance; followed by a fourth term as an intern working on global governance issues in the public or private sector, a research institute or NGO.

During the first two terms of study in the MAGG programme, students are normally required to take six courses which must include the Globalization and Global Governance (core course), HIST 605 Global Governance in Historical Perspective (history component), or an alternative History course that is related to Global Governance, an economics component, and a political science component as well as two electives. In addition, all students participate in the Program Seminar which meets regularly throughout the first and second terms and includes visiting speakers, guest talks and discussions of the research plans of students for the Major Research Papers.

If you begin the double degree programme in Waterloo, you will complete two terms of course work and the internship component of the MAGG programme. After progressing to the second year at Warwick, you will complete the joint MRP/dissertation in the UK.

If you begin the double degree programme at Warwick, you will complete all the degree requirements of the MAGG, including the MRP, in the second year after completing the taught component of the Warwick specialism in your first year.

For specific questions about the MAGG programme, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions page.