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Theories and Issues in International Development (PO901)

This module explores the major theories and key issues in the study of international development in an accessible but rigorous way. We will cover major development theories, from modernisation to post-colonial and post-development, and explore how these help better understand the issues of international development. The role of governance institutions - the state, regional bodies and international development bodies such as the World Bank - will be critically evaluated. Definitions, measurements, chronologies and explanations of issues that are critical to international development, such as environment and climate change, poverty and trade, democracy and the role of NGOs will be explored.

We will assess the workings of governance at both international and national levels for addressing these issues, and through it you will develop skills to draw links between academic political analysis and policy practice and to evaluate policy alternatives in respect of key problems of international development. Through student-led seminars, the module will help you to assess relations of structure and agency in the politics of social change and present arguments in written as well as verbal forms.