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Europe: Politics and Ideas (PO225)

Principal aims

The module aims to: *Explore how various ideas about Europe and about the role of the state have influenced politics in the region; *Develop an understanding of social and political issues across Europe; *Analyse key movements and thinking in comparative perspective; *Consider the main pan-European historical developments; *Assess the contemporary debates about Europe.

The module requires active participation from the students. You are expected to keep up with the readings and engage in the discussions. Please check the module’s Moodle pages for further information about the programme.

Principal learning outcomes

On completion of this module, you should be able to: *Critically discuss the relationship between ideas and politics in Europe, as well as demonstrating an appreciation of the distinctiveness of European countries but also areas of commonality; *Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the available literature on the politics of Europe; *Demonstrate your ability to present complex ideas in both written and oral form.

Timetabled teaching activities

There will be one lecture and one seminar a week.


Module Director:

Dr Tatiana Coutto