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Quantitative Dissertation

Programme overview

The dissertation allows you to develop a research project independently, with the support of a supervisor(s), and to write a substantial piece of work discussing the results of this research. Whilst this is a self-directed research exercise, you are expected to have regular meetings with your supervisor(s) throughout the year, in order to receive guidance on defining and developing the research topic and on arguing and presenting the thesis. You will be required to analyse secondary data.

The dissertation aims to enhance skills in quantitative research, critical analysis and argumentation, creative thinking, and academic writing, and to foster the specific intellectual interests and aptitudes of yourself. This set of skills should be regarded as the crowning moment of PAIS&QM students three-year intellectual curriculum and as a key competitive advantage on the job market.

The dissertation also provides an excellent training for those intending to undertake further academic study beyond the BA. Finally, it enhances your key skills in time management and communication of research results.

Module Director:

Philippe Blanchard