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Crossing the Med Blog

13 November 2015: Valletta 2015: Sharing responsibility for a 'migration crisis'?

by Dr Vicki Squire

The Valletta summit of 11-12th November 2015 was initiated by the European Council in light of an emergent ‘migration crisis’. It focuses on developing “existing cooperation processes between Europe and Africa”, and continues on-going efforts since 2010 toward the EU’s Global Approach to Migration and Mobility. The ‘migration crisis’ says much about the failures of such an approach. Rising numbers of deaths across the Mediterranean Sea and increasingly difficult conditions for those crossing Europe have intensified calls for an approach that does not prioritise restrictive measures against unauthorised migrants entering the EU. Addressing the underlying causes of the ‘migration crisis’ thus requires careful assessment of the limits of the EU’s ‘global approach’ to migration, particularly in relation to Valletta’s emphasis on “shared responsibility” across five areas tabled for discussion at the summit: prevention, management, protection, enforcement and returns.

Wed 31 May 2017, 13:29

10 March 2016: Findings on Family Reunification

by Dr Vicki Squire and Nina Perkowski

In February 2016, UNICEF reported that women and children made up 60% of those seeking to cross the border between Greece and FYROM, whereas in June 2015, 73% of arrivals in Greece had been adult men. As the UNHCR graph below shows, there has been a steady increase of women and chidlren over the winter months, which is also the most dangerous time to cross the sea.

Fri 11 Mar 2016, 23:19

7 March 2016: European Agenda on Migration based on flawed assumptions

by Dr Vicki Squire and Nina Perkowski

In-depth research with refugees and migrants shows that deterrent measures will not resolve the 'crisis'. Research team argues for a new approach that deepens existing human rights and protection commitments.

Today, EU and Turkish leaders meet in Brussels to discuss the implementation of the EU-Turkey Action Plan. The plan was formally activated at the end of November, to facilitate closer cooperation between Turkey and the EU in governing migration. It promises a €3 billion payment by the EU to Turkey to support the country in hosting Syrian refugees under temporary protection mechanisms. This is despite Turkey already hosting close to 2.7 million Syrian refugees, far more than the 580.000 who have reached the EU.

Mon 07 Mar 2016, 15:41

2 February 2016: Observations from Kos

by Skerlida Agoli

In September 2015, I visited Kos for the “Crossing the Mediterranean Sea by Boat” research project. As I entered the town, more and more tents appeared along the beach. Walking towards the police station, the crowd was getting bigger. In the absence of a first reception facility, migrants and refugees reaching Kos were spread around the police station.

Tue 02 Feb 2016, 09:07

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