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The study can be thought of as containing five major work packages (WP). At this stage we are well into WP4.


WP1: The first work package in this project was survey design. In this package, we first conducted a very thorough survey of the related literature and of previous survey studies on related topics to familiarize ourselves with previously used survey designs and questions. We then organized and conducted two workshops in Istanbul with experts in the field and brainstormed with them about the design of the questions, questionnaires and the organization and conduct of the fieldwork.


WP2: The second work package was training of the interviewers and pilot studies. Once the survey questionnaires were ready, we started working on the training programs for the interviewers. We had a separate training program for each survey. The structure of the training programs were discussed during the design workshops while deliberating on how the questions should be posed. We also held a series of one-to-one meetings with colleagues with experience in conducting survey studies to benefit from their expertise in designing the training programs. The training programs are designed to guarantee that interviewers communicate with the respondents in a clear, comfortable and professional manner without causing any discomfort, stress or misunderstandings. Once the interviewers were trained, we conducted a pilot study for each of the surveys to see if there were any problems with the design or implementation. Any such problems were then fixed and we moved on to the third work package.


WP3: The third work package started with the main implementation of the two surveys. In the first survey, we interviewed some 6397 married women between the ages of 25 and 50 at their residential addresses in 29 provinces in Turkey. In the second survey, we interviewed some 5024 adult men again in the same 29 provinces. After extensive quality controls, the data collected were entered into electronic databases and prepared for statistical analyses.


WP4: The datasets are ready, and we have recently moved onto work package four and started with the statistical analyses. That's where we are right now. Exploring this amazing data!


WP5: The fifth and the final work package is the dissemination of results. Within this work package we will present our findings at international conferences. We will also give a series of seminars at various universities to maximise the amount of feedback we can get on our results. As end products, we expect a series of journal articles published in high-ranking scientific journals. The expected timeline of the project is summarised below.


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