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Our partners

The Warwick Interdisciplinary Research Centre for International Development is focused on championing a truly collaborative approach between researchers, research users and research beneficiaries worldwide. 

This requires that our researchers take the time needed in getting to know potential collaborators, seeking common interests and complimentary expertise that so that partnerships will be mutually beneficial and productive. By building relationships overtime, we will get to know the intellectual passions and research strengths of our individual and institution partners.  

There are world class research institutions with excellent reputations and impact in their field in all parts of the world with whom we will collaborate to build our research capacity and theirs.  

Through our interdisciplinary research projects and impact work we will prioritise inclusive and diverse working collaborations both between Warwick colleagues and with our partners globally. 

University of Warwick

Academic Mobilities and Immobolities NetworkLink opens in a new window

This network brings together academic and non-academic staff from Warwick who are working in the area of academic mobility and immobility.

Borders, Race Ethnicity and Migration NetworkLink opens in a new window

BREM promotes interdisciplinary dialogue across the intersecting themes of migration, ‘race’/ethnic relations and bordering practices, broadly defined.

Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global EconomyLink opens in a new window

Research at CAGE examines how and why different countries achieve economic success.

Connecting Research on Employment and WorkLink opens in a new window

CREW brings researchers and practitioners together to participate in conferences, research workshops, seminars and lectures.

Centre for the Study of Globalisation and RegionalisationLink opens in a new window

CSGR was founded to advance research and analysis of the changing dynamics of global order.

Centre for the Study of Women and GenderLink opens in a new window

CSWG is a centre of research and teaching in women's, gender and feminist studies.

Centre for Law, Regulation and Governance of the Global EconomyLink opens in a new window

GLOBE seeks to engage with Warwick and external scholars interested in collaborating in related fields of scholarship.

Medical SchoolLink opens in a new window

Warwick Medical School researchers investigate solutions to global health challenges.

Critical South Asia Group

The Critical South Asia Group at Warwick brings together staff and research students whose scholarly work focuses on South Asia. The group draws upon the wide-ranging inter-disciplinary backgrounds and academic expertise that we bring together as a collective.

The Global South Initiative

A student-led initiative at the University of Warwick to connect researchers from the Global South and resist their invisibility in academia. GSI welcomes all interested researchers to engage in academic discussion and collaboration, share cultures and experiences and most of all, to form a community that is fully supportive.

UK & Global Partners

Monash Gender, Peace & Security Centre

Monash GPS is a research centre focused on issues of gender, peace and security. Its vision is to build globally-recognised, gender-inclusive research evidence to deliver peace and security globally.

Carers Worldwide

Launched in 2012, Carers Worldwide is the only organisation working exclusively and strategically with unpaid family carers in the Global South. It promotes recognition of unpaid family carers and draw attention to their needs amongst communities.

Interdisciplinary Global Development CentreLink opens in a new window (University of York)

IGDC promotes interdisciplinary research and engagement that contribute to a transformative agenda that is equitable, fair and sustainable.

Centre on Conflict, Development & Peacebuilding (Geneva Graduate Institute)

The CCDP's research focuses on the factors and actors that are implicated in the production and reproduction of violence within and between societies and states, as well as on policies and practices to reduce violence and insecurity and enhance development and peace-building initiatives at the international, state and local levels.

Centre for Women's Development Studies, New Delhi

CWDS is a research and advocacy institution engaged with and committed to women’s rights and to the discipline of women’s and gender studies.

International Centre for Transitional JusticeLink opens in a new window 

ICTJ works across society and borders to challenge the causes and address the consequences of massive human rights violations. We affirm victims’ dignity, fight impunity, and promote responsive institutions.

Global Research Network on Parliaments and People

The network promotes the study of parliaments and people.
We support inquiry, scrutiny and debate through research,
grantmaking, training, engagement and publications.

Centre for Trust Peace and Social RelationsLink opens in a new window (Coventry University)

The Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations is a multi-disciplinary research centre that tackles many of the most critical and sensitive contemporary challenges facing society.

Gothenburg Centre of Globalization and DevelopmentLink opens in a new window

The Gothenburg Centre for Globalization and Development seeks to integrate and develop research on globalization at the University of Gothenburg.

swisspeaceLink opens in a new window

swisspeace is a practice and research institute dedicated to advancing effective peacebuilding. Partnerships with local and international actors are at the core of its work.

Swiss Centre for Scientific Research in Cote d'Ivoire (CSRS)Link opens in a new window

Humanitarian and Conflict Response InstituteLink opens in a new window (University of Manchester)

Security in Context: Promoting Critical Research and Policy Analysis on Peace and Conflict

African Network against Extrajudicial Killings and Enforced Disappearances (ANEKED)

Led by women African human rights activists, ANEKED is an independent, non-political and non-religious civil society organisation that campaigns against forced disappearances and summary executions, advocating for justice for victims and their families.

Somali Institute of Development Studies (SIDS)

SIDS is a development and resilience-focused think tank which provides high-quality capacity development, research, policy briefs and publications, and graduate programs. The institute is committed to contributing to Somalia’s economic development and political stability through innovation, research and capacity development. Key study areas include development and poverty, resilience, markets, health and nutrition, environment and disaster risk reduction, peacebuilding, conflict resolution and mediation using indigenous methods, stabilization and durable solutions. SIDS believes that development is the sum of the contributions from different groups and institutions. Therefore, SIDS established partnerships with the Federal and State line ministries, academic institutions, CBOs and other I/NGOs.