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David Bather Woods


I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy. My research focuses on the 19th century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, especially his philosophical pessimism and his moral and political philosophy. I have taught a wide range of topics in philosophy, including the history of philosophy, philosophy of religion, ethics, aesthetics, and most recently the philosophy of evil. I have responsibilities for admissions, outreach, and widening participation; prospective students and their supporters, teachers, and school leaders are welcome to inquire with meLink opens in a new window about engaging with our department.

Current teaching

Winner of a Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence 2021Link opens in a new window

Commended in the University of Warwick Kindness on Campus Awards 2021Link opens in a new window

Academic writings

‘Proust and Schopenhauer'. In The Proustian MindLink opens in a new window, edited by Anna Elsner and Tom Stern. Routledge, 2022.

'The Standard Interpretation of Schopenhauer's Compensation Argument for Pessimism: A Non-Standard Variant', European Journal of PhilosophyLink opens in a new window (2022) 30 (3): 961-976.

'Schopenhauer's Sexual Ethics'. In Schopenhauer's Moral PhilosophyLink opens in a new window, edited by Patrick Hassan. Routledge, 2021.

‘Seriously Bored: Schopenhauer on Solitary Confinement’, British Journal for the History of Philosophy Link opens in a new window(2019) 27 (5): 959-978.

‘Schopenhauer on the State and Morality’. In The Palgrave Schopenhauer HandbookLink opens in a new window, edited by Sandra Shapshay. Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

‘Großbritannien’. In Schopenhauer-Handbuch,Link opens in a new window edited by Daniel Schubbe and Matthias Koßler. J.B. Metzler Verlag, 2014 (1st Ed.), 2018 (2nd Ed.).

Pre-prints available on my PhilPeople ProfileLink opens in a new window

Work in progress (WiP)

WiP Books

The Schopenhauerian Mind (forthcoming collection in the Routledge Philosophical MindsLink opens in a new window series, co-edited with Timothy Stoll).

Schopenhauer: The Wisdom of Living (forthcoming book with University of Chicago Press, provisional title)

WiP Chapters

'A Schopenhauerian Solution to Schopenhauerian Politics' (forthcoming in The Schopenhauerian Mind).

'Dining at the Abyss: Schopenhauer and the Frankfurt School' (forthcoming in The New Cambridge Companion to Schopenhauer, edited by Sandra Shapshay and Colin Marshall)

Public writings

How to think for yourselfLink opens in a new window’ (Psyche)

'What Arthur Schopenhauer learned about genius at the asylum' (Psyche)

'The Promise of Pessimism'Link opens in a new window (Institute of Art and Ideas)

'The semi-satisfied life'Link opens in a new window - an essay on Schopenhauer on happiness (Aeon)

'The best books on Arthur Schopenhauer'Link opens in a new window (Five Books)

'Schopenhauer's Link opens in a new windowThe World as Will and Representation'Link opens in a new window (Routledge Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, Teaching and Learning Resources)

Podcast appearances

'The Philosophy of Evil'Link opens in a new window (Common Room Philosophy)

'Resilience'Link opens in a new window (The Forum)

'Schopenhauer on Compassion'Link opens in a new window (Philosophy Bites)

'The History of Philosophy: its value and limitations'Link opens in a new window and 'Schopenhauer on Boredom, Loneliness and Compassion' Link opens in a new window(Common Room Philosophy)

Administration roles
  • Admissions Tutor
  • Outreach and Widening Participation Lead



David dot Bather dot Woods at warwick dot ac dot uk

Office: S2.38 (Social Sciences)

Advice and Feedback Hours (Term 2 2022/23):

14.00–15.00 Monday

11.00–12.00 Friday

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David Bather Woods