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Research Group in Post-Kantian European Philosophy

The Research group in Post-Kantian European Philosophy exists to provide a focus for the research activities of graduates and members of staff working in this area. It encompasses work in core philosophical areas of inquiry and key philosophical problems informed by a conception of Kant's legacy and an appreciation of different responses to the Kantian critical project that have been advanced from Fichte and Hegel to Husserl, Heidegger and Deleuze. It holds a research seminar open to PhD students and staff. There is a lively annual programme of activities that includes workshops, colloquia, conferences and visiting speakers. The work currently being undertaken in this area in the Department by graduates is diverse. Members of staff have an interest in all the major figures (as well as a number of minor figures) and schools of post-Kantian thought.

  • Members
    Information on people who are involved in the research group
  • Research Seminar
    Details of Research Seminars that run throughout the year
  • Publications
    A selection of publications by members of the research group
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    Details of events that are held in affiliation with the research group


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