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Welcome to PPL

We hope you are feeling excited about joining the PPL Programme at Warwick soon. We are looking forward to seeing you graduate in three or four years’ time as our first PPL cohort and we are committed to supporting you achieve excellent results and have a brilliant experience at Warwick.

We have had lots of questions through already about how you can best prepare for your time with us. We want to make sure you arrive ready to make your study choices and start your challenging work.

Here’s how your year will look next year:
Your core modules will be:
PH147: Introduction to PPL
PH133: Introduction to Philosophy
PO107: Introduction to Politics
You then choose between Law optional cores
LA124: Tort Law
LA104: Criminal Law

You can check the module pages above to find some of the reading lists, but do be aware there may be some changes and others may not be accessible until have enrolled and set up your IT account.

You can also look in our PPL preparatory readings. But please do be aware that we do not have any prior expectations of you reading these, we just know you may be excited about starting your PPL journey.

You will find other information on your welcome week and the practical things you need to do before starting university on our Welcome pages.

Keep in touch. If you have any questions just let us know through your PPL Facebook Group or by emailing us at ppl at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Patrick Tomlin  

Dr Patrick Tomlin

Director of PPL