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Stella Chatzitheochari


Room: E0.20 (Social Sciences)

Telephone: +44(0)24 765 22575

Advice and Feedback Hours

Term 1 Monday 13.00-14.00 & Wednesdays 11.00-12.00

EXCEPT Week 5 Wednesday 11.00-13.00

Term 2 On leave


I am Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology, having joined Warwick in 2014. I was previously John Adams Career Development Fellow at the Centre for Longitudinal Studies of UCL Institute of Education and pre-doctoral Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Surrey. My first degree was in Politics and Economics but my interests changed completely when I was introduced to Sociology at the University of Cambridge (M.Phil). I obtained my doctorate from the Department of Sociology of the University of Surrey. During my doctoral studies, I was also visiting researcher at Sciences Po Paris.


My interests fall under the wider area of social stratification and life-course research, and more often than not my research involves secondary analyses of existing large-scale datasets. My main expertise is in time allocation and time use research, with a specific focus on discretionary time, work-life balance, and the use of new technologies to collect time diaries. Other interests include childhood disability, stigma, mental health, and the wellbeing consequences of the ongoing debt crisis in my home country Greece. I am particularly interested in longitudinal approaches to understand social inequalities.


During 2018/2019, I will convene Practice and Interpretation of Quantitative Research (SO243) in Term 1.

I will be on leave in Term 2.


Mullan, K. and Chatzitheochari, S. "Changing Times Together? A Time Diary Analysis of Family Time in the Digital Age in the UK" Journal of Marriage and Family (forthcoming)

Chatzitheochari, S, and Platt, L. "Disability Differentials in Educational Attainment in England: Primary and Secondary Effects", British Journal of Sociology (Early View) DOI: 10.1111/1468-4446.12372

* Featured in the Guardian  Special Needs Jungle The Conversation * Policy Briefing

Chatzitheochari, S., Fisher, K., Gilbert, E., Calderwood, L., Huskinson, A., Cleary, A., and Gershuny, J. (2018) "Using New Technologies for Time Diary Data Collection: Instrument Design and Data Quality Findings from a Mixed-Mode Pilot Survey" Social Indicators Research, 137(1): 379-390

Chatzitheochari, S., Parsons, S., and Platt, L. (2016) 'Doubly Disadvantaged? Bullying Experiences Among Disabled Children and Young People in England', Sociology, 50(4): 695-713.

* Awarded the 2016 Lives Best Paper Award for Young Scholars

Fisher, K., Chatzitheochari, S., Gilbert, E., Calderwood, L. Fitzsimons, E., Cleary, A., Huskinson, T., and Gershuny, J (2015) A Mixed-mode Approach to Measuring Young People's Time Use in the Millennium Cohort Study electronic International Journal of Time Use Research 12(1): 174-180

Chatzitheochari, S., and Arber, S. (2012) ‘Gender, Class, and Time Poverty: A Time-use Analysis of British workers’ Free Time Resources’, British Journal of Sociology, 63(3): 451-471

Chatzitheochari, S., and Arber S. (2011) ‘Identifying the Third Agers: An Analysis of British Retirees’ Leisure Pursuits’ Sociological Research Online

Chatzitheochari, S., and Arber. S. (2009) ‘Lack of Sleep, Work, and the Long Hours Culture: Evidence from the UK Time Use Survey’, Work, Employment, and Society, 23(1): 30-48

* Featured in the Guardian

Book Chapters

Connelly, R, and Chatzitheochari, S (2014) ‘Physical Development‘ in Platt, L. (ed.) Millennium Cohort Age 11 Survey Findings. London: Centre for Longitudinal Studies

* Featured in The Conversation

Chatzitheochari, S., and Arber, S. (2011) ‘Time Use Studies: A Method for Exploring Everyday Life in the Third Age’. In D.C. Carr and K.Komp (eds), Gerontology in the Era of the Third Age: Implications and Next Steps. New York: Springer Publishing

Working papers

Chatzitheochari, S., Fisher, K., Gilbert, E., Calderwood, L., Huskinson, A., Cleary, A., and Gershuny, J. (2015) “Measuring Young People’s Time Use in the UK Millennium Cohort Study: A Mixed-Mode Time Diary Approach”. CLS Working Paper 2015/5

Chatzitheochari, S., Parsons, S. and Platt, L. (2014) “Bullying Experiences among Disabled Children and Young People in England: Evidence from two Longitudinal Studies” Working paper, 14-11. Department of Quantitative Social Science, Institute of Education, University of London, London, UK.

* Briefing * Featured in BCC news

Chatzitheochari, S. (2013) “Prevalence and Correlates of Sleep Problems at Age 50: Initial Results from the National Child Development Study”. CLS Working Paper 2013/2