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Maia Snow

I am working towards a PhD in Women's and Gender Studies, supervised by Dr. Cath Lambert and Prof. Virinder Kalra and funded by the ESRC. I hold an MA in Social Research from the University of Warwick (also ESRC-funded) and a BA in Sociology from the University of Birmingham.

I am researching the use of ideas and images of 'femininity' and 'masculinity' - and their connection with gender politics - within transnational psychedelic and visionary arts culture ('psyculture'). I am particularly interested in how the politics and conceptual frameworks of feminist spirituality are manifest in the countercultural ideologies surrounding psychedelic and visionary arts. In turn, I am keen to explore the ways in which postcolonial and queer perspectives might complicate and modulate these ideologies.

I am currently approaching this through thematic textual and visual analysis, which I will be sharing with psycultural participants through my blog, new moon musings, which will also provide an intellectual foundation for collaborative research with participants in psyculture.