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Microsoft Teams for remote meetings

Microsoft Teams logo

As a staff member at the University of Warwick, you have access to the Office 365 Suite of software tools, including Microsoft Teams. Teams allows you to edit and share documents, chat with other members of the team, and hold live meetings.

This guide provides a brief introduction to creating a Team and holding meetings. For a video overview of Teams and how it can help you see (2 min 30 seconds).

Step One – Log in to Microsoft Teams

  • Enter the URL: in your browser
  • Enter your IT Services username in the format (e.g.
  • If asked to select the type of account choose the 'Work or school account' option
  • You should then be redirected to the regular University of Warwick log in page where you should enter your regular IT Services username (without the part) and your matching password. You will also need to enter your 2 factor authentication code.

Step Two – Download the App

For full functionality you will need to download the desktop app; there is a link available to do this within your profile in the top-right:

Teams app download icon location 

You will need to sign in again when you have downloaded the app. You will then have an icon for teams on your desktop.

You can also find the Teams App in the Android and Apple App stores.

Create a team

  • One of the team members will need to create a team. Do this by clicking Teams > “Join or Create a team”:

Click teams, Join or create team

  • Click on “Create team”

Click on the option to Create team

  • Choose the appropriate team type, likely 'staff':

Choose the appropriate team type, likely Staff

  • Give your team a name and ensure it is set to private so that only team owners can add members. Click Next

Set the team name

  • To add members to your team, simply start typing their names in the box that appears next. Your team members should appear as they will be listed in the University of Warwick directory:

Type to find members. Select from list and click Add.


When you first try to make or receive a video call you may see a warning pop up similar to the following. Microsoft's advice is to click Cancel and all will continue to work fine. You will only see this warning for the initial call.

If you receive a firewall warning click Cancel. All will continue to work correctly.

More information:

There is lots of information and guidance on Youtube on getting the most out of Microsoft Teams. If you haven't already we'd strongly recommend you view the overview video (2 min 30 sec) at . The following is a selection of content produced by Microsoft: