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Synchronising your Live@Edu account with mobile devices

It is possible to synchronise the Live@Edu accounts of WBS staff with mobile devices that have ActiveSync clients. Many higher-end phones have these clients available natively including: ActiveSync settings
  • Server:
  • Secure connection: Yes
  • Username: Your Live@edu login username (
  • Password: Your IT Services login password
  • Domain: leave blank

ActiveSync remote wipe

When a mobile device is connected to Live@Edu via activesync there is the ability to carry out a Remote Device Wipe. This can be useful if your phone is stolen/lost. This returns the phone back to its original factory default condition. This wipes ALL information stored on your phone including any photos/videos/data on the storage card. After the phone is reset it will be in the same state as a new phone with no information on it. This operation is permanent and the data cannot be recovered.
To 'remote wipe' your phone use Outlook Web Access:
Login to your email account at Select Options - See All Options  
Select Phone from the menu, a list of the devices attached to your account is shown Select the device you wish to wipe and select Wipe Device.

 phone options