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Important information for new WBS staff

On behalf of the WBS Solutions welcome to Warwick Business School. The purpose of this page is to try to assist new staff in settling in and getting started with the computer and information systems at WBS. This page repeats the key points on the documentation provided when you started.

Things to do immediately

  1. Check your WBS username and password that was in the welcome leaflet you should have received. Later you should change your password (instructions below) but please wait a few days until you are sure all the informations systems are working correctly.
  2. Log onto your office computer using your WBS username and password - again if you are reading this, hopefully you have succeeded in doing this.
  3. Sign up for a central university IT Services username and password. As well as a WBS account you also need an IT Services one for campus-wide, generic services such as email. Sign up for one at
  4. Check your email address (on the second page of your welcome booklet). This is the email address we recommend you use while you work here. It ends You also have an email address but you do not need to worry about this. All messages will get delivered to your one mailbox whichever address they were sent to.
  5. Set up an Outlook profile: This needs to be done before you can start Outlook. For instructions see 
  6. Start up Outlook and start sending and receiving email messages.
  7. Email us your university number. Now it is time for your first email! Please send a message to containing your username and university number. Without this information a number of systems will not work for you.
  8. Install your group shared printers if they are not there already. Please see for instructions on this. Once installed open Microsoft Word, enter some random text and send it to your group printer. Ask a colleague if you cannot find the printer.
  9. Read through the Glossary of common IT Terms in use at WBS

Things to do in your first couple of days

  1. Visit these key web sitesusing Internet Explorer
    • Log in using your WBS username and password. If you cannot access this please contact the Helpdesk
      my.wbs is the online learning environment that forms the main way for WBS staff to communicate with WBS students. The WBS Intranet is a sub-section of my.wbs which can also be access from this link
    • This is the WBS Solutions website containing information and helpful IT tips. Please explore this site
    • This is the Intranet for the whole university. You may find the Phone Search in the right menu useful, or you can use the paper phone directory that you should have in your office. You will also find an Email Search section but it is recommended you do not use this for staff at WBS but instead use the Address Book in Groupwise (the email system used at WBS)
  2. Save your first document. Familiarize yourself with the different locations on your computer where you can store your files
  3. Change your WBS password. First however you should read the tips on choosing a good password. Instructions on changing your WBS password are on our Helpdesk website.