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Automated scanning of computers

Please note that it is a requirement of our Internet provider (JANET) that we take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance with their Acceptable Use Policy. A copy of that, and other related documents, is available at...

All computers supplied by WBS, which may be connected to the Internet via Janet, are regularly scanned to ensure that they are correctly configured, are free of software which may open them to Internet attacks and not showing any anomalies that might signal a problem. All reported anomalies are investigated by eSolutions Systems and Operations staff.

Any apparent breach of the JANET or University computing regulations by staff or students uncovered by this process will be investigated through the appropriate mechanism and may result in disciplinary action. Any suspected breach by staff will be reported to WBS HR. Any suspected breach by students will be reported to the relevant teaching group and may be treated as a major disciplinary offence.

Further details can be found at University Regulations on Computer Use & at