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Chiara Garattini

Wednesday 2 November
Leveraging Ethnographic Insights as an Applied Anthropologist

Chiara Garattini is an anthropologist in the Health & Life Sciences group at Intel. Previously she worked in the field of death studies for her doctoral dissertation (Maynooth University) and on ageing, technology and chronic illnesses as postdoctoral researcher and ethnography lead at the Technology Research for Independent Living (TRIL) Centre, University College Dublin.

Her expertise revolves mainly around health, technology, and user experience (UX) research. She has a particular interest in exploring the way people understand and interact with technologies, and the challenges faced when it is translated from the lab to the real world. Her research currently focuses on biotechnology, bioinformatics and bioethics.

Chiara Garattini

A copy of the flyer for this event can be found here (PDF Document)