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Alex Rheingold

ROLE: Managing Director

In a few minutes, you will be chairing a meeting of a working group you have established to discuss the possible adoption of MRP2 in Oakland. After this initial meeting - which you will ensure keeps to time as is your usual practice - the group will be addressed by a consultant, Sandy Corbett, on the benefits of MRP2. You saw Sandy (of Corbett Consulting) giving an impressive talk at a recent industry conference on this topic - hence the invitation. After this presentation, there will be a further opportunity for discussion before the final decision has to be made.

You are highly knowledgeable about the furniture industry and about Oakland's place in it. You were the driving force behind the recent management buy-out, which at one point involved taking out a second mortgage on your family home. Although this brought you close to your Chief Designer, Rowan Gregory, some other members of the management team have criticized you in the past for not really trusting them. They have suggested that you sometimes go in and do things to suit you that are properly their responsibility.