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Robin Johnston

ROLE: Production Scheduler

In a few minutes, you will be attending a meeting of a working group chaired by Alex Rheingold (your MD) to discuss the possible adoption of an MRP2 system in Oakland. The initial meeting will be followed by a consultant's presentation and then a final meeting to take a decision.

You are a time-served craftworker, and everyone knows you have excellent intuitive judgement about scheduling and keeping things running smoothly in the factory. They all depend on you. However, what is this new system going to do to your job? You know that Jan Pettigrew is a little bit unhappy over the undoubted influence you enjoy because of your special skills and central role. Is this a ploy to undermine your position? Even if it isn't, it is certainly going to change what you do. The computer system will issue the order releases and make your judgement redundant. What will there be left for you to do?