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Project News and Events

Forthcoming Conferences and Events

Conference on Management & Social Networks in Geneva, Switzerland

Daniela is attending the “Management & Social Networks: Dynamics and Impacts” Conference on Management & Social Networks in Geneva, Switzerland on 16th & 17th February. She will present a paper titled “Ambidextrous networks and the innovation process: Linking structure or brokerage and closure in organisational settings”.

International Network for Social Network Analysis ‘Sunbelt’ conference in California, USA

Daniela will present empirical work from the social network analysis conducted with the CLAHRCs at the International Network for Social Network Analysis ‘Sunbelt’ conference in California, USA, March 14th-18th. The title of her paper is “Epistemic boundaries in healthcare collaboration networks: implications for generating and embedding innovations in research and practice.”

Organisational Behaviour in Health Care (OBHC) conference

The project team will be represented at the Organisational Behaviour in Health Care (OBHC) conference to be held in Dublin, Ireland (15-18 April). Sarah will present a working paper about how translational initiatives have used two different types of approach, ‘bridging and blurring’, to support collaborative working across the boundaries of disparate groups involved with conducting applied health research.

If you would like to discuss further the draft working papers that are being developed for these conferences, please feel free to contact the project team.

Previous Conferences and Events

24th January 2012: 4th Scientific Advisory Board

This meeting with our advisory group allowed us to better contextualise the working analysis of our data-set, as we can draw on our board members own insight into policy and practice within this area. Topics discussed during this meeting included how to complete the ‘story’ of the CLAHRCs with our phase 2 data, and in particular how to descriptively compile how the types of achievement of this initiative are related to the distinct characteristics of the CLAHRCs.

28th November 2011: IVEY Global Health Conference 2011, Toronto, Canada

Sue Newell was invited to speak in the panel “Clinical Innovation and Health Care Delivery: What are the challenges, incentives and impacts in health care innovation?” In reflecting on how each of our case sites are overcoming knowledge boundaries, she was able to highlight how they were developing different types of capabilities for networked innovation.

For more details about the work taking place within this aspect of our study, please visit our ‘international fieldwork’ page.

9th November 2011: BSA West Midlands Sociology Group one-day conference, Coventry, UK “Translating health related research into practice: Issues and opportunities"

Sarah Evans presented insights from the qualitative aspects of our UK study about how different types of boundary spanning approaches have been developed in response to the challenges of achieving knowledge translation between diverse groups and communities.
For more details about the findings from this aspect of our study, please visit our ‘insights from our qualitative research’ page.

1st November 2011: Seminar at Leicestershire, Northamptonshire & Rutland (LNR) CLAHRC

Harry Scarbrough and Daniela D’Andreta were invited to present a seminar about the social networks aspect of our study to the LNR CLAHRC. They spoke about “ambidextrous networks and the innovation process”, and considered the implications of our findings for how implementation can be achieved.

For more details about the findings from this aspect of our study, please visit our ‘social networks’ page.

29th-30th September 2011: Healthcare Service Delivery Workshop, Toronto, Canada

In September 2011 Sue Newell, Daniela D'Andreta, and Marco Marabelli were involved in organising a 2-day workshop in Toronto, Canada, which provided an opportunity to work with representatives from two comparative international translational initiatives involved with the CLAHRC evaluation project, the Canadian-based CHEO and St Mary’s Hospital groups. The workshop was hosted by the Richard Ivey School of Business.

The aim of the event was to assess the progress of the fieldwork conducted in North America and contribution from IKON members included an overview of the CLAHRCs project with emphasis to the transatlantic aspects, presentation of the CHEO cognitive mapping data, and presentation of the UK CLAHRCs social network analysis.

Summer & Autumn 2011: Interim Feedback to the CLAHRCs

During the summer months we met with the central management groups of each of the three CLAHRCs to present interim findings from our study. We were able to engage in discussion about our initial findings allowing us to further contextualise and develop our ideas, and to converse about how our work could formatively help with the future development of each of these CLAHRCs. From these meetings, a tailored briefing report was produced for each CLAHRC.