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Project Update December 2011


At the moment, the project is still in that exciting stage of fieldwork, with Davide Nicolini and Maja Korica having completed research stays with two NHS trust chief executives out of a total sample of six to seven for the project. We have scheduled research stays with Chief Executives 4 and 5 for January and February 2012, and are sorting out local ethical clearance as we speak. With regard to recruitment of two further chief executives, we have had promising responses already, with one meeting to discuss practicalities scheduled for early in the New Year.


We have also started working on papers from the project, the first of which is a comprehensive review of the managerial work literature. The proposed paper, entitled 'Bringing (top) managerial work back in: A review of research on the practice of managing (1951-2011)', has been accepted for presentation at the Journal of Management Studies-sponsored 'The Evolution and Future of Management' conference, taking place in Oxford in March 2012.

We will also be submitting a full paper to the Academy of Management Conference this January. This paper is jointly co-authored with IKON PhD student Bart Johnson, who is currently completing parallel fieldwork observing five chief executives in the Canadian healthcare context.

Finally, we are working on analysing our data as we go along; an important part of the overall methodological approach given the great amounts of data we are collecting. As part of this process of analysis, we will be presenting some initial early findings at the SDO Network CEO Forum taking place in London in January 2012, and have also been asked to give the same presentation at the Northern Forum dinner in Nottingham in February 2012.