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Project Updates February and March 2013

We are spending February and March focused on our individual feedback sessions with each CEO in the sample. These are envisioned as a chance for us to provide focused comprehensive insights from their own practice and that of other colleagues we observed for reflection as part of each CE’s personal development. At the time of writing, we completed all but one of these meetings, which were a great success in terms of gaining insights into the accuracy of what we were presenting, but also into how this might be presented effectively in other fora.

We have also been busy preparing the next stage of our engagement activities, namely presentations in a ‘focus group’ format to a broader set of CEOs, to gather their feedback on the emerging findings across all seven cases, and how helpful this might be with regard to understanding their own practice. These events are being organised in conjunction with the NHS Confederation Health Services Research Network and their CEO Forum meetings. The first is taking place on April 9 in London, with the second following in Manchester on April 24. We are also excited to be presenting alongside other experts in the field, namely Professor Keith Grint of Warwick Business School, who will be joining us in London to speak about 21st century leadership in the NHS, and Naomi Chambers of Manchester Business School, who will join us in Manchester to discuss her recent research on how high performing boards work.