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Behavioural Science Lab

The B2.27 Laboratory consists of 27 networked computers, screened off from each other, so that participants can run experiments independently; or can take part in two or multi-player games. Participants can be recruited from Warwick's SONA System. The lab also conducts large numbers of on-line experimental studies. The lab is run by a lab manager and technical support is provided by the Behavioural Science Group's IT developer.

The WBS laboratory is a large partitioned computer laboratory comprising of 26 cubicles. Each cubicle is equipped with a networked PC. There is also a stage and a projection system, as well as a PC for the researcher, which can exercise control over the participants' machines.

The Lab Team

Alexander Mushore - Lab Manager
Tel: 02476 524188

Ty Hayes - IT Developer
Tel: 02476 574863

Sona quick link and description
Lab manual

Software Packages

There are a number of software packages pre-installed and configured in the lab.

  • Internet Browsers for web-based experiments
  • Matlab
    with PyschToolbox
  • z-Tree
  • Python
  • PsychoPy
  • Java
  • BoXS
  • Willow

If you are researcher and you need software not listed here, please contact Ty Hayes to discuss your requirements

Upcoming Experiments