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Warwick Finance Group - Past Events

2018 May Frontiers of Finance April 2018
2017 May Frontiers of Finance May 2017 and Frontiers of Finance 2017
2012 September Frontiers of Finance 2012
2011 July Frontiers of Finance 2011
2009 April The Global Financial: Crisis, Threats and Opportunities
2006 June ESRC/MMF/WFRI One day Workshop on the Micro Structure of FX and Fixed Income markets
2006 June European Science Foundation (ESF) and WFRI Workshop on High Frequency Econometrics and Foreign Exchange Markets
2006 March
An ESRC/MMF/WFRI one day workshop: Behavioural Finance and Market Efficiency
2006 March
Warwick Finance Lecture: Nick Barberis: 'Behavioural Finance: does the reality live to the hype?' - being held in the centre of London
2006 February Implementing Derivative Valuation Models, 1 day conference, held at Univeristy of Warwick, Coventry
2005 September 18th Annual Warwick Options Conference - a one day event held at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, Coventry.
Theme: Credit Instruments and other Derivative Securities.
2005 May

High Frequency Econometrics & Market Microstructure, FERC

2005 May

Interacting Agents Workshop, FERC