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Building Strong Employer Brands

11am - 12pm, 10th November 2021, Online Event

Building Strong Employer Brands - How to create safe workspaces, the role of allies & why I&D is now becoming the new normal for firms during 'The Great Resignation' with Adnan Furniturewalla, (Marketing Manager at Zinnov)

Adnan Furniturewalla, WBS MSc Marketing & Strategy cohort of 2019-2020, is an out-and-proud marketer, brand strategist and I&D champion. A self-proclaimed Global Citizen, Adnan has lived and worked around the world and leverages his exposure to diversity to help his clients build strong employer brands.

Adnan’s recent reality web-series LGBT: Loud, Gay, Brown, and Totally Honest, provided a peek into the queer culture in India, and was well-appreciated by members of the community and it’s allies. Adnan is passionate about using his personal and professional platforms to spread awareness and create dialogue about Diversity and Inclusion.

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