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Elton Xhetani

Proposed thesis title: How does organisational architecture impact teachers’ identity? A comparative case study based on Sixth Form Colleges.

Supervisor(s): Davide Nicolini and Andre Spicer

Start Date:

A summary of the research area:

My research explores the neglected phenomenon analysis of organisational space and aims to develop a greater understanding of how organisational architecture impacts on workers’ identity. This study will specifically examine the impact of the government policy, namely, ‘New Public Management’ which has on teachers’ identity at work in colleges across in the UK. The ‘New Public Management’ policy which focuses on the political, economic and demographic changes and aims to challenge the bureaucratic ideology in the education by creating open/shared space has caused a significant threat to academic identity.

Furthermore, my research looks beyond ideas of buildings as either primarily aesthetic or technical objects. I will explore the multiple frameworks of meaning and action that frame design and development practices. By identifying different institutional actors that are neglected my research will highlight how the changing social organisation of diverse development interests can transform the design of buildings, networks and cities.