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How can we inspire kids to go further?


Tackling inequality through education

It seems hard to believe, but poverty isn’t just a problem in faraway lands, it’s right here on our doorstep. One in three children in Coventry are estimated to be living in poverty; many have never have travelled further than one mile from their home, and some of the areas we work in are defined by the Government as in the 10% most deprived in England.

This is the context for much of our local outreach work, where we work to inspire and raise aspirations. Thanks to your donations, we also reach out across the globe to schools in Africa and India to help offer improved Maths and English skills.

Please can you help us give children a stronger chance in life, no matter what their financial background?

holding_image_2.jpgSome of the children's home lives are unimaginably challenging. Warwick in Africa gives them hope that people do care.

I think it also opens up their world to exciting possibilities, even if it's just igniting that dream.”

Hollie Colin, Volunteer Teacher
Warwick in Africa

wac-outreach-1.jpgPart of it is about raising aspirations.

One teacher said that after Take Part in Art, a child pulled on her sleeve and said, "Did you know there's a school for big children? And you just do Maths there all day!" They hadn't heard of a university before.

Clare Mitchell, Education Officer
Warwick Arts Centre

Our 5 big community projects

Warwick in Africa

Warwick in Africa

Teaching Maths and English in the poorest parts of Africa

Art Outreach

Warwick Arts Centre

Reaching out with art to inspire creativity and more

Chemistry Outreach

Chemistry Outreach

Inspiring a love of science and a feeling of self-belief


Warwick Volunteers

Helping our local community through homework clubs and more

Warwick in India

Warwick in India

Teaching Maths and English in Delhi, India