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Your Annual Student Support Impact Report

The future of research has never looked brighter

Thank you for supporting students at Warwick

Thank you so much for giving to the University of Warwick. This year's student support report demonstrates how you are creating lasting value in society and the economy through supporting students at Warwick. You are helping us attract the world’s best thinkers and locate them in the best facilities. Learn more in your full report for this year.

From drill to quill

Master’s student and qualified dentist Safiyyah Yacoobali is studying Creative Writing thanks to the Aziz Foundation’s support. Creative writing provides her with the artistic and intellectual freedom to explore her identity and the world(s) around her.

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Warrick’s Warwick experiences

Warrick is incredibly grateful for the financial support that the Warwick Scholars Programme has provided him. The bursary has allowed him to take advantage of all the opportunities that the University has to offer, from academics to extracurricular activities. Thanks to you, and donors like you, Warrick can focus on his studies and immerse himself in the Warwick community, knowing that he has the resources he needs to succeed.

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What does giving mean to Florence?

Since day one, when my daughter and I attended the offer holder day, I have been impressed by Warwick's academic excellence, professionalism, and diversity.

Florence Gautier, parent and donor

Florence believes that education and research can make the world better. She is convinced that Warwick, as a relatively new university, has a major role to play in the future.

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The impact of giving

It’s so incredibly rewarding to see the impact of the Trust’s support for projects that promote educational and societal equity. These projects have a profound positive impact on people’s lives, particularly now - when so many people are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.

Lee Nuttall, Trustee

Learn more about how you can follow the footsteps of The Michael Marsh Charitable Trust and support students at Warwick.

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Get in touch

We would love to hear your feedback on the report, so please get in touch with us using the contact details below:


Jo Clark
Senior Donor Relations Manager
T: 02476 150064
M: 07385 037139

Sabath Shazia
Donor Relations Officer
T: 02476 174066
07341 072425

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Did you know?

Your support has helped Warwick work with 37,500 widening participation students over the past five years.

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Meet our Scholar Ambassadors

Watch this short video to find out how your generous support is making a lasting impact on students like Sheerah and find out more about our scholar ambassadors here.