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Fundraising phone calls from Warwick

Have you just received a call from us?

If you’ve recently been contacted by one of our students we hope you thoroughly enjoyed speaking to them. If you've missed a call from us, then we hope we'll be able to speak to you soon.

Everyone on the team is a current Warwick student and they play a hugely important role in keeping the University connected to our global family of alumni, friends and supporters.

Whether you graduated in 1968 or 2018 we always want to hear what you've gone on to do after your Warwick degree, or perhaps you never studied here but are connected to Warwick for a different reason.

We know you can keep in touch with Warwick news via social media, but for us, it's great to speak to you directly about everything that's happening here and find out your opinions on some of the latest developments. And of course, the students love to hear the interesting stories, insights and advice from generations that studied at Warwick before them!

Our students not only keep you in touch with the University, but also raise money for fantastic projects happening right now at Warwick. Last year we spoke with thousands of graduates and raised the equivalent of 19 scholarships! Thank you to everyone who made generous donations over the phone last year.

All these donations are now being put to work across the University and some projects wouldn't even get off the ground without donations from our supporters. Whether it’s providing more scholarships or empowering students to make a difference in Africa; your support is vital.

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to update your details so you can receive a call from us, then please get in touch on 024 7657 4037 or

If you would like to donate online, you can donate quickly and securely here.

Meet some of our current Student Fundraisers


Hi everyone, I'm Rebecca! Although I wish I could be back at university, I'm currently keeping safe in Liverpool which is my home city! When I'm not in my back garden or out doing my daily exercise, I'm completing my degree in History and Politics.

I enjoy calling primarily because I love speaking to Warwick graduates and hearing all of the inspiring things that they go on to do. It's always nice to connect with graduates, compare experiences and get advice. I can't wait to do it again and hopefully will speak to you soon!



My name is Itunu and I’m a first-year student studying MORSE (Maths, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics). I’m from Lagos, Nigeria, where I live when I’m not at Warwick.

At the moment, I'm pursuing the Warwick Online Learning Certificate which is an online course created by Warwick for first years guiding us through the intricacies of learning and working online. Also, while at home I have created a podcast called The MarketPlace Café, focused on sharing weekly economy news with everyday people.



My name is Chloe and I'm currently based in High Wycombe. I'm in my first year at Warwick reading PPE and it's been an amazing journey so far. I have definitely enjoyed the academic side of my degree, but also the social side and people that I get to be surrounded with.

Being a student fundraiser has given me many opportunities to improve my skills, but it has also allowed me to have so many great conversations with our alumni. I'm so proud to be able to join this summer campaign to support our community while spending the time indoors with my family!



Hi, I’m Emily and I'm currently a second-year student studying Biomedical Science. I miss seeing my friends, having lectures online is weird and I would really like a haircut, but I consider myself very fortunate as I’m at home with my family (and my cat).

This job has taught me so many valuable life skills and I love seeing what people have gone on to do once they have graduated - it makes me excited about my own future! The level of generosity that comes from our alumni always amazes me and leaves me feeling so proud to be a part of this amazing community.



My name is Polina, and I’m really excited to be a part of the fundraising campaign in these challenging times. I'm a final year Film Studies student and I’m originally from Cyprus. Due to the cancellation of flights, like many international students I had to stay in the UK and I'm currently living in Newcastle.

I’ve been part of the fundraising team for three years now. I really enjoy connecting with alumni and promoting such fantastic causes. I think this is by far the most interesting and most important campaign I have participated in so far!



Hi, my name is Ala and I'm a final-year Law student. There is a silver lining to this unprecedented situation as I get to spend more time with my loved ones. I’m trying to stay positive and revise for my exams as much as possible!

I enjoy working as a Student Fundraiser because I love hearing from our graduates. I've had many interesting conversations during the two years I have worked in this role and I received a lot of invaluable advice! I believe the students will now need the support more than ever, so I am glad I can contribute by raising funds in this campaign.