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boys_dancing.jpgSparking the imagination

Art for kids

“What can the arts do for children and families? Many things: art stimulates creativity, sparks imaginations and broadens our horizons - all while having a fun time! We're the education officers at Warwick Arts Centre, and because of Warwick donors like you, we are able to offer a fantastic programme of creative learning. We create post-show talks; construct one of the country’s most comprehensive cinema programmes for Into Film (the national schools film week); run weekend Family programmes, school projects, half-term activities, theatre groups, and so much more!

We're ambitious for the kids we work with: we want them to have a challenging, fun time, and a sense of pride in their own achievements.

The best moments are seeing someone flourish in front of you as they achieve something they didn't think they could. Those moments of inspiration can make all the difference in a young life.

An example of the programmes we offer is Boys Dancing, where we help boys and young men to recognise that dance is not just for girls; it’s a great mix of spontaneous physical and mental activity which requires physical strength and gives a great workout. We work with youth across the West Midlands, through their first experiences right to apprenticeships, training and professional practice. It’s all about challenging preconceptions and sparking that moment of self-belief.

Thank you to everyone who makes this and so many other projects possible. Please keep supporting us - it makes all the difference!"

Those moments of inspiration can make all the difference in a young life.

Clare Mitchell and Carly Mee
Education Outreach Officers, Warwick Arts Centre