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What current Student Fundraisers think about the job

We asked existing Student Fundraisers what their favourite thing is about the Telephone Campaign. Here are their responses:

My favourite thing about being a Student Fundraiser is…

...the chance to help raise money for all amazing projects going on at Warwick! I really enjoy having the opportunity to talk to so many interesting people, as well as improve my communication skills.

...interacting with the other fundraisers. After spending all day in lectures with mostly mature students, it was so lovely to actually experience a different side of Unviersity life. This was honestly the best job I have ever had, and it did great wonders for my mental health this semester.

...talking to graduates from different backgrounds and of different characters - I think this has really allowed me to become more confident and more flexible in my communication styles.

...feeling productive as I know I'm working for a good cause. The vibe of the Calling Centre is also really nice and having a quick chat with those around and a break in the middle is actually conducive to sounding more enthusiastic on the phone!

...the community of people. They are all so friendly and great to talk to! I also love getting to speak to interesting alumni and knowing that I'm making difference - I'm passionate about the projects I fundraise for.

...the incredible improvement on my communication skills! It's a practical job but using some academic skills. It's incentive-based and motivational!

...taking to graduates that I may not have much in common with, but I can still talk to them about Warwick and their career. The conversations where the graduates have given me advice are the ones that have stood out to me the most!

...having a genuine, good conversation with an interesting graduate is always rewarding, even if you don't get a donation. Getting donations are also a really great thing about the job! The skills you learn also are great!

...being part of a fun team, a great wage, comfortable working hours, receiving donations and having great conversations!

...the various people I get to talk on the phone. It provides an invaluable source of information, insight and experience which makes the whole job very worth it!

...seeing all the things we achieve. It's really good to be able to choose our own shifts - the campaign doesn't run the whole term so it is a very manageable job!

Supervision Team

We also asked last year's Supervision Team what they liked best about the Telephone Campaign:

I can truly say that being a Manager of Warwick’s Student Fundraising team has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Being part of this inspiring team has been one of my stand out University moments, and I would highly recommend joining to anyone. As a fundraiser you will have great fun, raise lots of money for fantastic causes and develop a very attractive skill set for future employment. Sound good? Then get involved!
Nathan Johnson-Paul
Shift Manager

Being a part of the supervision team is the most rewarding job I have had! You see those moments of true happiness when a Student Fundraiser gets a donation, and you also see how supportive they are of each other. It's an opportunity to support a team, and lead them to success!"
Ciara Brodie
Shift Supervisor

My year with the supervision team has been a total pleasure and a real opportunity. Meeting some of my very closest friends at work is something very few people can brag, and I owe that to our calling team!"
Cain Jones
Shift Supervisor

My favourite part about being a supervisor is getting more responsibility in the team. I’ve been able to put everything I learnt as a Student Fundraiser into practice, and think of new ways to motivate and inspire fundraisers - which I’ve absolutely loved!
Livy Hall
Shift Supervisor

Student Fundraiser SoundBites...

What is the best thing about being a Student Fundraiser? (previously: Student Caller)

Leah Desouza-Jones
Soraya Radford



 Awards 2014/15

"Having the chance to be a student fundraiser is a fantastic opportunity. It provides you with skills that employers value, from being confident and persuasive, to being driven to reach certain targets.There is a friendly but challenging atmosphere in the calling room which pushes you to progress. Importantly for me, the role acts as a highlight on your CV for any job you apply to after your degree."

Andreas Avraam
Student Fundraiser