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eNews Summer 2015

Thank you for your support - your gifts change lives every day and we hope this short update shows you how.

You're improving healthcare

Helping to fight childhood obesity and diabetes with the PEA-POD appeal

A huge thank you to everyone who recently came together to meet an urgent request for funds from Dr Ponnusamy Saravanan.

Sara had reached £90,000 of funding from Trusts and Foundations but was £10,000 short of his target to buy a PEA-POD, a revolutionary piece of equipment which measures the body-fat composition of newborns and could help to predict and control early obesity and diabetes.

Following our appeal, almost 100 donors clubbed together to purchase the PEA-POD by the deadline and before the opportunity was lost. Thank you to everyone involved.

What does the PEA-POD do and why is it so important?
Did You Know?
We're facing a crisis in organ donation in the UK. Our researcher Dr Matt Gibson has been funded by a legacy donation to develop a new ‘antifreeze’ method to extend the shelf life of blood and organs stored for medical procedures. Read more.

You're helping communities

"The learners are so keen to improve that I'm excited to see how far we can progress!"

62 Warwick students have arrived safely on the other side of the world and are now spread across Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa. They are already working hard in classrooms in 26 of Africa’s poorest schools to transform maths and English teaching for learners.

Thanks to donations like yours, they will teach nearly 7,000 learners in their classrooms and benefit a further 60,000 by training teachers, with an expected improvement to average test results of over 40%.

Read the latest report as our 2015 student volunteers get started

Did You Know?
We're one of a few universities in the world to bring school children into our teaching labs with the Chemistry Outreach team. Donations help us work with disadvantaged schools in the local area, and for many of the 5,000 yearly visitors, it's their first time visiting a university.

You're supporting students

3 reasons why scholarships matter at Warwick

Scholarship fundraiser Sara Akkad reports

"I want to thank everyone who donates to scholarships.

From speaking to scholars, past and present, and having the privilege of meeting some of them, it has become so clear to me just how important scholarships are.

During my phone calls with some former scholars this week, three things really stood out, and I want to share them with you today."

Read more and find out 3 reasons why scholarships are so important to everyone at Warwick


Did You Know?
Scholars are achieving amazing things, both at Warwick and out in the wider world! Warwick Inspire was founded by one of our Scholars, taking Warwick student volunteers into local schools to work with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Thank you to our supportive community

The Grace Research Fund at Warwick raises money to help premature babies and their families. We're celebrating our supporters who this year have raised £12,000 through the Two Castles Run and £500 at the Summer Party.

Read more about our amazing community support for this project
Cell structure discovery to help cancer research

Our researchers have discovered a cell structure which could help scientists understand why some cancers develop.

For the first time a structure called ‘the mesh’ has been identified which helps to hold together cells. This discovery changes our understanding of the cell's internal scaffolding and has implications for our understanding of cancer cells too.

Find out more about this exciting discovery

Can a cup of tea solve everything?

On September 19th we'd like to invite you to campus for tea and cake to find out about another way you could get involved. You could help us solve the problems of tomorrow by leaving a gift to Warwick in your will.

Find out more and reserve your place
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