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Job Description and Person Specification

Vacancy Type/Job category Student Teacher / Volunteer Ambassador
Department Warwick Laksh Programme
Salary Voluntary; fully funded but with responsibility to fundraise a minimum of £750 towards the further development of volunteering projects in India
Location Laksh Farms, Haryana, India
Overview The Laksh Foundation is a small NGO comprising of a farm, sewing cooperative and school network, suitated near to Delhi. Since 2013, the school network has expanded and now comprises of 5 teaching centres in nearby villages which run free tutorial classes for 1000+ children, offering extra-curricular teaching and support focuing on English and Mathematics. The children attend the local state school during the morning and attend the tutorial classes in the afternoon.

The school network is managed by Madan Sharma, a permanent member of staff at Laksh who coordinates a growing team of local teachers who deliver tutorials. The Warwick student volunteer role includes working with the teachers as well as facilitating in the schools.
Job Purpose
  • To provide guidance and help to the local teachers to develop more interactive methods of teaching;
  • Work with the local teachers to develop the quality of their written and spoken English language skills and mathematical skills;
  • Develop the teaching of English language and mathematics at the schools;
  • Provide input and support for some course materials and curriculum structure;
  • Participate fully in the life of the schools
  • To inspire the children and teachers to aim high and achieve even more than they already have.
Eligability To apply for this programme you must:
  • You must be a full time student, currently registered on a Warwick degree course (undergraduate or postgraduate, any subject/discipline);
  • You must have some teaching experience (i.e. taught in schools in UK/abroad, undertaking PGCE, GTP, Teach First, Warwick in Schools, Warwick Inspire, TEFL or other demonstrable teaching experience);
  • You must be able to demonstrate a sound knowledge of English, Modern Languages or Mathematics of no lower than A Level standard or experience of teaching English as a foreign language.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • To participate fully in the organisation of the trip and to provide promptly any information requested by trip organisers. This will include obtaining advice on vaccinations from your local doctor and evidence thereof to fulfil any country entry requirements;
  • To attend the compulsory recruitment and training events at Warwick and on arrival in Delhi;
  • To take the initiative to work with members of your group in preparation for your time in India;
  • Develop and implement fundraising ideas to meet the £750 fundraising target before you travel.
  • Work alongside Madan Sharma and his team of local teachers in India to develop the teaching of English language and mathematics in the school network, linking it to basic TEFL or TESOL principles and providing ideas to develop the teaching curriculum;
  • Work with the teachers to develop more interactive methods of teaching within the school network, developing course materials as and where appropriate and use them to deliver chosen topics;
  • Work with the teachers to further develop their written and spoken English;
  • Work a full working week, plus some Saturdays and extra-curricular and revision activities. Duties will also include lesson planning, lesson preparation and marking.
  • Identify the teachers and learner's lack of knowledge and teach background topics to allow the introduction of more advanced topics;
  • Identify opportunities for and initiate extra-curricular activities (e.g. Sports, Language, Music, Drama, Dance), giving a framework, motivation and possibly resources for continuation after your depature;
  • Participate fully in the life of the school network, teaching some lessons when called upon;
  • To recognise your responsibility as a Volunteer Ambassador for the University and ensure appropriate conduct to fulfil this role as set out in the Code of Conduct. To be aware and responsibly for yourself and for other members of the team in a challenging environment;
  • Collect photos, stories, quotes and case studies to be used in communications about the programme;
  • To fully complete all information required as part of the evaluation within the specified time period;
  • You will be expected to participate periodically in a range of volunteer recruitment and fundraising activities, which may, for example include SU fairs, donor meetings and receptions held with potential sponsors or alumni. Requests will always be made in advance;
  • On occasion, it may be necessary for the University to request your presence in meetings with donors to help further our fundraising efforts. Requests will always be made in advance.
Person Specification The Person Specification focuses on the knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications required to undertake the role effectively. This is measured by (a) Application Form, (b) Selection Day, (c) Interview.

Essential Critieria 1

Evidence of excellent teaching skills to be able to teach English, Maths or related subjects to mixed age/ability school pupils. (a,b)
Essential Critieria 2 To demonstrable relevant teaching experience ideally in an international context. (a,c)
Essential Criteria 3 To be able to demonstrate a sound knowledge of no lower than A level standard Maths and/or English and/or Modern Languages or experience of teaching English as an additional language (a,b)
Essential Criteria 4 Previous experience of volunteering activity or participation in extracurricular activities (e.g. sports team, orchestra) (a,b,c)
Essential Criteria 5 Ability to devise and implement fundraising ideas to raise at least £750 towards the continuation and further development of volunteering projects in India. (a,b)
Essential Criteria 6 Proven ability to work in a team and independently with tact and senstivity (a,b,c)
Essential Criteria 7 Ability to use own initiative to research educational, cultural and historical background of India (a,c)
Essential Criteria 8 Self motivation, flexibility and drive (a,b,c)
Essential Criteria 9 Ability to think laterally and deliver innovative solutions to complex problems (a,b,c)
Essential Criteria 10 Excellent communication skills: written, verbal and presentational (a,b,c)
Essential Criteria 11 An understanding of the objectives of the project and the issues facing India (a,c)
Desirable Criteria 1 Previous experience of sucessfully undertaking challenges (a,c)
Desirable Criteria 2 Basic knowledge of Hindi (a)

Download further particulars here (PDF Document)