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Learner Stories

Every summer, groups of Warwick in India volunteers deliver high-energy, exciting lessons to classrooms across the Laksh schools every

What impact do they have? We asked the learners to tell us...

Deepak learner


Deepak is fourteen years old. He’s the oldest son of a family of five and has studied at his local tuition centre in Alumpur since it opened.

"My parents have always believed that education is incredibly important and have been very supportive of me and my brothers and sisters in our studies.

Teachers at the Centre take the time to help us understand the syllabus, and they are much more interactive thanks to the Warwick volunteers. My English reading has improved a lot. I don’t just come here to study to pass my exams, but to learn. I hope by improving my English, I’ll be able to connect with more people across the world. I want to provide for my family and serve my country.”

Laksh children


Sumita is thirteen years old. She loves school, and her favourite subject is English. She lives with her parents, three sisters and two brothers. She is a learner in the Dhauj village tuition centre and attends tutorials every afternoon after her morning local government school classes.

"Thanks to the Laksh centre, I’m able to answer more questions in lessons, and answer comprehension questions quickly as I understand more. I do better at school now.

We don’t have a maths teacher at the government school, so I’m pleased to receive maths tuition at the centre. I really like the different lessons that the Warwick students bring with them, they are interesting and fun. One day I’d like to become a police officer or district collector, using the confidence and skills I’ve built here.

Note: these stories have been written from the first-person point of view after conversations with the learners.

From everyone here at Warwick, thank you for your support which helps us transform the lives of teachers and learners in these communities.

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