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You + Us = More Warwick in Africa


You stand at the front of the classroom.

The walls are bare and haven’t been painted in years; you don’t have enough paper or pencils for the ever-growing number of children in your class.

But yesterday, a little girl who walks two miles to school every day told you that she loved maths and wants to become a teacher one day.

Tomorrow, another 60 children will be crammed in front of you, peering up at the board, comparing answers, curious to explore a new topic.

Last year you took a Master Class that showed you how to go beyond traditional 'chalk and talk' methods. You learned new ways of communicating and developed confidence in your own ability to change lives.

Now you can’t wait to pass on what you learned, so you can help others find new ways to inspire young minds.

Help us train more teachers in Africa

Warwick in Africa has been running for over 10 years, and we’ve reached 260,000 children in that time with innovative maths and English lessons. Crucially, we’ve also been training local teachers so that our impact goes beyond those summer months. We’ve trained over 2,400 teachers so far, who’ve passed on their training to local colleagues. Local teachers often copy the methods they were taught by, traditional ‘chalk and talk’ methods, and often haven’t had professional training.

We help introduce new transformational ways of teaching and engaging learners with Master Classes. We also run training in the UK, and last year helped eight outstanding African teachers from Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa to attend a two-week intensive training programme here at Warwick. It aims to enhance their leadership ability, teaching skills and overall performance, and helps them share this new expertise when they return home.

We’re extremely grateful for every donation we receive, it really does make all this possible. Thank you to everyone who gives, and to all those considering a donation in future!

Sarah Walker, Fundraiser

Read our Warwick in Africa 2016 Impact Report

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