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Innovation Fund


Every year we fund innovative, exciting projects that need seed funding to get off the ground. These projects are designed to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our students today. Last year, our alumni and friends helped to establish several such projects through their gifts, including:

  • Establish a career-mentoring programme specifically for BAME students. We know that black workers with degrees earn 23% less than white workers with degrees, and this project seeks to understand the career experiences of BAME students and provide a formal mentoring programme, attuned to the needs of this cohort, to narrow the gap in both attainment and career prospects.
  • Set up an online module, “Understanding Wellbeing” open to all staff and students, which examines the relationship between students’ wellbeing and the teaching and learning environment. We have already seen how existing classroom modules on wellbeing have led to statistically significant improvements in the wellbeing of students who participated.

We believe that the University of Warwick has a part to play in solving these challenges and more. Each gift to Warwick will ensure we continue to be a hub of innovation and excellence.

Visit the Warwick Innovation Fund page

Your donation has the power to change someone's future. Get in touch to discuss your gift and the impact it could make, or donate online. Thank you for your support.

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Emily Gladman

Leadership Giving Executive