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Covid-19 response statement

The Warwick in Africa programme has responded to the recent crisis by cancelling all international travel related to the programme for the foreseeable future. This does not in any way mean that programme activity has ceased, in fact, quite the contrary.

Virtual mentoring has continued throughout this period and some teacher-led CPD events have continued to take place locally with our support. Moreover, at the end of September, the annual Lead Teacher Conference was held virtually for the first time, with contributions from a greater number of speakers than ever before resulting in a rich and exciting programme of events.

We are also excited to announce that we have formed a new partnership with the Commonwealth Education Trust to bring the Teach 2030 programme to all teachers at our partner schools. This collaboration has been introduced to enhance the programme's teacher support element. It involves bringing bitesize online professional development courses to our network of schools and teachers which are easy to use on a smartphone, tablet or computer, and especially designed to be low data.

Last but not least, a large number of student volunteers, who were recruited for placements in 2020, have instead contributed to Warwick in Africa by taking part in two UK-based research projects, providing us with new knowledge and data which will inform the ongoing development of the programme.

We will continue to maintain close contact with our partners and monitor the situation as it unfolds, offering our support wherever we are able to by evolving and adapting our offering as appropriate.