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Meet our scholars

Hana with her head tilted slightly smiling at camera


Hanna is a final-year Accounting and Finance student and a Lion Rock Scholar. She enjoys competitive sports and is part of the ACS Netball team. Alongside her studies, Hanna is involved in the Us Programme - a project with the mission to help educate and inspire young females from disadvantaged backgrounds to break boundaries and achieve their goals.

Having come from a disadvantaged background myself, I am happy that I can do my bit to give back and support other girls experiencing adversity.

Being a scholar is a sentimental milestone for me, it is proof I should not limit myself and future aspirations. This year I aim to get out of my comfort zone and be engaged in more public-speaking opportunities.


Iqra is a placement-year Law student and a Warwick Scholar. As well as a passion for health and fitness, Iqra is really interested in trade law and economic liberalisation. Her proudest achievement so far was taking part in the Global Leadership and Innovation Programme, which was taught by the University of California.

I find it enriching and fulfilling learning about trade deals and the various inter-governmental organisation set up by nation states to help themselves and others prosper economically.

I have enjoyed getting to know my peers a little bit more this year, as we are able to collectively work on group projects and meet together outside of class now. It leads to more fruitful conversations as well as deepening our relationships.


Sheerah is a first-year Computer Science student and a Warwick Scholar.

I chose Computer Science since it has been an interest that I have always been passionate about. This has led me to really enjoy my academic experience at Warwick, as I enjoy coding and learning about new aspects of the subject.

As a result of becoming a Scholar Ambassador, I have been able to access many employment opportunities such as supporting campus tours, online meetings, and other work experiences. This has further allowed me to apply to internships and gain connections for the future. I hope to be able to encourage more students to apply for the Scholars Ambassador role and to spread more awareness to enable students to receive the benefits that it provides.

Prem smiles at camera


Prem is a second-year Mechanical Engineering student and a Warwick Scholar. He is proud to lead the Warwick Racing Formula Student team and has a passion for motorsport/advanced engineering which drives him to continuously strive for excellence and make a positive impact in this field. He is honoured to be recognised as a Warwick Scholarship Ambassador and is eager to share his experiences to inspire others to pursue their passions as well.

The scholarship programme has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals and pursue my passion for Mechanical Engineering and motorsport. I am truly grateful for the generosity of my donor and for being a part of my academic journey. The contribution has not only supported my education but also allowed me to make a positive impact in the community through my involvement with Warwick Racing.

Izzy smiles at camera


Izzy is a final-year History student and is a recipient of a Warwick Bursary. She is interested in wellbeing and does many activities to enrich herself such as; meditation, exercise, self-care, language lessons and reading. Her academic interests lie in international history, which is what inspired her to study history at Warwick.

I have joined the women’s netball society, which has allowed me to stay active, make friends and take part in lots of enriching opportunities, including fund raising for a range of charities - some of which are very close to my heart.

My proudest achievement this year was getting a first overall. It was a very difficult year with online learning, however I was very pleased about how I adapted to this new learning style.


Imaan is a final-year Law student, a Warwick Scholar and the Multicultural Scholar Programme (MSP). She enjoys going to the gym and keeping fit, and has a passion for writing.

Choosing Islamic law, an area of law I am very passionate about, has allowed me to really enjoy my studies. I love writing about this topic and reading new interpretations, especially on things that I may hold a different opinion on.

The scholarship has really helped me secure places on programmed which would’ve been really different to gain a place on otherwise due to the high demand. This has involved programmes like UpReach and the TeamWork internship, which I participated in a few months back.


Waleed is a final-year student studying Accounting and Finance and is a WBS Shivraj Naskar Scholar. Coming from a low socio-economic background he has been interested in finance and being able to study concepts at one of the top business schools has been an incredible experience for him so far.

I have been lucky to receive the WBS scholarship as well as the Shivraj Naskar scholarship. This has allowed me to concentrate on my studies and applications whilst at university also facilitating the opportunity for me to undertake an internship in London without having to worry about my finances.


Natasha is a placement-year Law student and Warwick Scholar. She is passionate about helping those who are disadvantaged by society and have aspirations to enter the field of Human Rights and Immigration.

This year I have enjoyed being able to pick modules that interest me, as it's much more engaging and enjoyable to study something you genuinely have a passion for.

Without the scholarship, I simply would not have been able to pursue my dream of attending Warwick or gaining the essential skills I need to be able to build a future tackling social injustice. These scholarships really do change lives - they stop students with high aspirations from becoming victims of the system.


Khadijah is a Master's student studying International Security and is also an Aziz Foundation Scholar. She enjoys keeping fit whilst socialising, often participating in Mixed Netball sessions. Her academic interests lie in understanding climate change and migration in the UK. She volunteers with Student Action For Refugees (STAR) - a national organisation that works to create a society where refugees can thrive as equal members of the community.

I have a real passion for helping individuals who come from disadvantaged backgrounds break free of their barriers. Studying at Warwick has given me many opportunities to support organisations that strive to do this. It has also allowed me to build my network and connect with individuals who share my interests.

My scholarship has been essential to this, I'm really looking forward to paying forward this generosity through my role as a Scholar Ambassador.

Burhan wearing a coat with a faux fur lined hood


Burhan is a first-year Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) student and Warwick Scholar. He has a passion for learning languages, reading, and writing. His proudest achievement is publishing a paper with the Warwick Think Tank Society on technological integration in education.

I find research and studying policy to be interesting, as you look at the practicalities of solutions to problems people face in their daily lives. In this regard, the Warwick Scholars initiative has given me the opportunity to apply for the Social Mobility Student Research Hub. As an ambassador, I would like to spread awareness of opportunities to other students and give them advice to make them feel more comfortable."

Warrick on campus wearing a Warwick red jersey top


Warrick is a second-year Economics student and is a recipient of a Warwick Bursary, as well as a Warwick Scholar.

I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in Economics, and I am thoroughly relishing the difficulties and prospects that accompany this domain of learning. Through my participation in the Warwick Scholars access program, and my subsequent continuation into the undergraduate program, I was fortunate enough to be granted the Warwick Bursary.

The bursary has allowed me to take advantage of all the opportunities that the university has to offer, from academics to extracurricular activities. I can focus on my studies and immerse myself in the university community, knowing that I have the resources I need to succeed. I am also able to attend events, join clubs, and make new friends, all of which have been incredibly valuable experiences that I may not have been able to have without the bursary.

Mel with long blonde hair with sunglasses


Mel is a second-year Graduate Entry Medical Student with a first-class degree in Biomedical Sciences and a WPH Charitable Trust Scholar.

Being a WPH Charitable Trust Scholar is an incredible opportunity to worry less about finances and spend more time building networks within the medical and educational fields.

I enjoy keeping active, cooking, and spending time with my family. As well as mentoring prospective students, I am proud of myself for becoming a Scholar Ambassador, providing an opportunity to raise awareness and impact change by being a voice for those who are disadvantaged but dream.


Gabriela a first-year English Literature and Creative Writing student and a Warwick Scholar. She enjoys writing in prose and hopes to become a novelist one day.

Thanks to my scholarship I was able to get into Warwick and study on one of the best creative writing courses in the country. Without the Warwick Scholarship Programme (WSP) this would not have been possible due to invisible boundaries that would've overwhelmed my potential.

Sheera in a hat smiling at camera


Balaaj is a second-year Economics student and a Warwick Scholar. His passion for economics and finance drives his ambition to pursue a career in the financial services sector.

I am interested in industrial strategy and finance, and really enjoy applying theoretical knowledge from my degree to real world applications.

Alongside my studies, I am passionate about D&I and supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their full potential. I have worked part-time roles in four outreach programmes and recently joined the Student Advisory Board at Warwick where I help play a role in making university more accessible.


Muminah is a final-year History and Politics student and Warwick Scholar. She enjoys getting stuck into a good book and is currently reading Honour by Elif Shafak, which gives an insight into the cultural stigmas around female honour.

As a result of the opportunities given to me as a scholar, I have been able to explore different avenues and the work experience prospects in this sector. Through the Scholar Ambassador role, I hope to provide advice from a student perspective, which I know first-hand can be very beneficial to those who want to discover more about the programme.

Close up of Adam smiling wearing a blue suit


Adam is a PhD French Studies student and recipient of the Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship.

My professional passion is French politics in a broad sense, and more specifically, (televisual) image projection by French political actors, but I'm happiest when I'm in the kitchen.

I've engaged with this subject for several years now, but I'm enjoying the ability to really go into depth - for example, I spent the last month or so scouring through television broadcasts and exploring a vast archive.

It's hard to express what the scholarship means to me, it's a symbol of my hard work, and an opportunity to pursue what I love without having to worry about financial hardship. Furthermore, it gives me access to a wider Wolfson community, allowing me to share my own and hear about other people's research.


Mira is a postgraduate student studying towards a Master of Arts degree in History of Medicine, thanks to the support of the Wellcome Trust Award. Academically, she is interested in the fields of history of medicine and science in Europe. Her interests include; governance, policy-making, real estate and wellbeing, health and fitness.

I am extremely grateful to the Wellcome Trust for the opportunity to pursue my interests in the field of the history of medicine, which would not have been possible in my home country of Bulgaria. I am immensely thankful to be able to develop my skills and knowledge while working towards filling a crucial gap in the field by improving our understanding of the medical history of the Balkan peninsula.


Fadila is a second-year Biomedical Science student and a Warwick Scholar. She is particularly interested in human anatomy and associated diseases as she wishes to progress into the medical field.

Donations like WSP ensure that enthusiastic and strong-willed young adults like me are being given opportunities to progress in their careers by entering higher education, without the costs holding us back. They are feeding our potential when no one else can. Their donations are paving the way for equality in higher education and shaping brighter futures for disadvantaged young adults. From the Scholar Ambassador opportunity, I look forward to supporting many other young people the same way I have been supported.


Kirsten is a second-year student studying Life Sciences and Global Sustainable Development, supported by the Friends of Warwick in Singapore Scholarship. She hopes to build on her knowledge in Life Sciences to work towards a more sustainable future, particularly in the areas of food and human health.

The support that I've received from my scholarship has been incredible - thank you for recognising my potential, for the opportunity to broaden my horizons, and for enabling me to develop my interests at Warwick. Being a scholar has given me back the courage to dream of a better future, as well as the confidence to be whom I want to be.


Sefora is a first-year Modern Languages and Economics (German and Mandarin Chinese) student and a Warwick Scholar. She is a member of the Warwick Economics Summit, specifically in the Sponsorships and Partnerships Team. Sefora volunteers every week as a Debate Mate mentor for underprivileged primary school pupils and supports the Zero Gravity mentor scheme where she has meetings with a sixth form student from a disadvantaged background virtually every week. She is interested in pursuing a career in banking or consulting.  

I am grateful for my donor. Not having to worry about finances whilst at university has given me great peace of mind and allowed me to explore activities that I find fun and rewarding. At the same time, I have been able to develop important soft skills that are valued by employers. I look forward to taking part in more opportunities run by the Warwick Scholars team.