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Why Give to Warwick?

Because where you come from shouldn’t determine where you go

Have you thought what it would be like to live in a world where everyone who could excel in education is given the opportunity to do so? The donors to our programme are breaking down barriers to education, in an effort to make this vision a reality.

While the provision of scholarships and bursaries is central to our mission, our donors are helping us to achieve so much more.

Warwick provides professional development opportunities for scholarship recipients, partners with schools in some of the most deprived regions in Africa, and funds innovative projects that raise the aspirations of school children in the West Midlands and support the mental health of students here at Warwick.

Thanks to these programmes, we have seen some amazing outcomes:

  • A Warwick scholar now works at a leading human rights law firm and is instructed as Junior Counsel to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry.
  • Another has founded a social enterprise focusing on mental health.
  • A former pupil in one of our partner schools in South Africa is studying Laser Physics at university, on his way to achieving his dream of becoming an astrophysicist.

If you believe that where you come from shouldn’t determine where you go, we invite you to join the Warwick donor community in our shared mission to break down barriers to education across the world.

Can you join Warwick donors in breaking down barriers to education worldwide?

Our pledge to you is to ensure that every pound and penny that you give has a real, tangible impact. Here’s just a few examples of what your gifts can achieve:

  • £25 could fund one month of education for two pupils at one our African partner schools
  • £50 could fund a leafleting campaign to raise awareness of mental health issues, and advice on how students can look after one another
  • £100 could subsidise the cost of a vital piece of equipment for a student sports club, reducing the financial burden on individual members
  • £500 could help with essential living costs such as rent, travel and food for a talented student on the scholarship programme from a less-advantaged background

About our projects

  • 95% of learners who worked with our Warwick in Africa volunteers said they found Maths and English easier
  • A typical Warwick scholar comes from a family with household income of under £25k, and is the first in their family to study at university
  • Warwick is partnering with the IntoUniversity Centre to provide academic support for 7-18 year olds, encouraging the educational aspirations of Coventry pupils in the most deprived areas.

Giving regularly will ensure that your support has persistent, long-term impact. You could choose to give every year to commemorate an important event in your life, like your first day at Warwick, or your graduation.

100% of your donation (and Gift Aid) will go directly to support students at Warwick and young people across the world.

In 2017, the Social Mobility Commission identified education and employment prospects as crucial to the reduction of inequality. In the West Midlands alone, 450,000 people aged 21 and under live in “social mobility coldspots”.

That’s why at Warwick, your donations mean so much more than just a financial contribution to students. We are a regional leader in social mobility, identifying youngsters with limited opportunities and providing them with a pathway to both higher education and employment.

Here’s what a Warwick scholar has to say about his experience of this inequality of attainment, and the unique opportunities offered through Warwick’s scholarship programme:

ShardEventNetworking with professionals at the scholar event in the Shard made realise how big a factor knowing the right people plays in life. I’m the first person in my family to go to university and I have few relatives in professional fields.

I’ve been optimistic, thinking that I was on a level playing field, that hard work gets you anywhere; and whilst I still believe in hard work, I’ve realised that it isn’t an even playing field. If your dad’s a doctor, you’ll get medical work experience more easily and will appear a better candidate on UCAS for Medicine.

Social mobility is a real issue and from some perspectives is only getting worse. That’s why support like yours is invaluable.

I was one of the lucky few to given the extra Warwick Scholars Vacation scheme award. I volunteered in Marrakesh, Morroco, for two weeks teaching English at secondary school level, working with young offenders, and at an orphanage.

Thank you kindly for your donations. They make a world of difference.

Sameem Nazari
Warwick Scholar

As you can see, when students like Sameem are given a fair shot at higher education, it affects more than just one individual and can have a truly global impact. Every person that benefits from Sameem’s education, ambition and passion can thank Warwick donors for giving him this opportunity.

With your support, more students like Sameem can be given a truly life-changing experience.

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