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Monash Warwick Alliance


10 years of the Monash Warwick Alliance

Solutions to today’s great challenges require working with talents and expertise from across the globe. Formed in 2012, the Monash Warwick Alliance is celebrating 10 years of partnership between two research powerhouses, focused on high impact research and developing international leaders and expertise for the future.Looking to the next decade, the Alliance will be even more ambitious, innovative and collaborative.

Gallery of 17 May celebration of 10 years of the Alliance

Voices of the Alliance

Throughout the year we'll be publishing new blog posts from researchers, educators, students and alumni.

Researchers at work


Our researchers build transformational international collaborations which tackle world-relevant challenges to deliver practical outcomes.

Learning group


Our educators share best practice and collaborate in pedagogic research to transform the student experience into a truly global education.

Lecturer presenting


We aim to produce internationally skilled graduates who are ready to face the challenges of a global workplace and can excel in their chosen fields.



External partners

We invite private and public sector organisations, governments and funding bodies to access our global network.

About Us

Our Alliance is an award winning partnership which represents an innovative and unique advancement in the higher education sector.

Funding opportunities

We support collaboration in education and research. A number of Funds NOW OPEN