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Spend the day with an award winner

Our University Awards winners showcase amazing staff effort right across the University, from inspirational leadership and unsung heroes to service excellence and community contribution. You now have the opportunity to spend the day - or half a day - with a winner and discover how things work in another team within Warwick.

This programme is open to all staff, and we're looking for participants from as many different departments as possible to get involved.

How can I apply?

If you'd like to spend some time shadowing an award winner, please discuss with your line manager or head of department to make sure they are happy for you to be involved. If they agree to you taking part, all you need to do is complete this short form before Friday 12 October.

All applicants will be contacted shortly after the closing date to advise if they've been put forward to take part at this time - we will do all we can to accommodate everyone, but it may not be possible for all submissions to be taken forward at this time.

What will the experience be like?

You can expect to spend time shadowing the award winner, finding out more about what an average day looks like for them and the kind of work they're involved with. If you have any questions about how their department is run or the project they were recognised for at the 2018 University Awards, this is your chance to ask.

Take a look at previous work shadowing experiences

Which winners are available?

The following winners have indicated that they have availability - please read through the guides below to find out more:

Kevin Marks
Part of the Interface Polymers team - winners of the Research Contribution award

The team's nominee says: "Starting from scratch, this team has created a world-leading piece of laboratory research, used it as the basis for a new award-winning Warwick spin-out company, have been awarded £1.5m in grant funding, raised £2.7m in private equity, created 10 new jobs, and produced a new type of material that is enabling more sustainable use of plastics. Researchers and professional staff have been propelled in new and exciting career directions, and the way that Warwick promotes innovation by researchers is, as a result, being revolutionised.

The team has used new Warwick research to make a real difference in the way the world will use plastics, as well as new and exciting careers for the members. It is creating local jobs and international impact."

Kevin is available for shadowing for one day or half a day any time during the 2018-19 academic year. Interested in shadowing him? Just fill in this short form

Nick Barker (Chemistry)
Winner of the Public Engagement award

Nick says: "I will be working from a school in a socially disadvantaged area in the next academic year, visiting lots of other schools in other socially disadvantaged areas to try and find young people who don't realise how good they are. If somebody would enjoy joining me for a small part of my project and is keen to encourage more people to work with more children, please feel free to get in touch."

Find out more about Nick's work

Nick is available for shadowing for one day or half a day any time during the 2018-19 academic year. Interested in shadowing him? Just fill in this short form

Laura Waller (Library)
Winner of the Brilliant Newcomer award

Laura's nominee says: "Laura is not only an active participant of groups, sharing best practice to develop the service, but has an impressive work ethic and displays a genuine interest in her area of work. She was keen to join forces with students for the SU's Disability Celebration Week, taking the opportunity for further collaboration with a charity to promote Tinnitus Awareness Week and the Library's existing mindfulness session. She encourages others to get involved (even those who are sometimes shy, reticent or unsure), to ask questions and raise awareness - Laura makes everyone feel it's ok to try out new things and join in."

Laura is available for shadowing for half a day, from mid-September 2018 onwards. Interested in shadowing her? Just fill in this short form

Esther de Perlaky (Student Careers and Skills)
Winner of the Global Contribution award

Esther's nominee says: "Esther is a collaborator in every sense of the word, spotting opportunities to work with and for others at all levels, both within Warwick and beyond, to achieve the best possible global employability outcomes for Warwick's students. Esther has applied the knowledge gained from her work with China to another strategic priority area for Warwick - South East Asia - organising the first 'China and Asia Pacific' careers fair in 2017 at the Shard and running online chat sessions and in-person employability workshops with SE Asia-based employers, often in collaboration with student societies."

Read more about Esther's award-winning work

Esther is available for shadowing for one day or half a day, from January 2019 onwards. Interested in shadowing her? Just fill in this short form

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