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The University of Warwick is working on an exciting strategy to enable us to engage more deeply with, and within, India. Building on the existing relationships and activities, we aim to develop new activities, links and interests with India, for the benefit of all.

Why India?

India is a strong source of overseas student applications and a vibrant Indian student community and culture exists on campus. Various research, teaching and student exchanges and collaborations, successful research funding bids, a student volunteering initiative, connections to influential businesses and a wealth of connected and active alumni in India all combine to create a buzz of opportunity.

The University is keen to build on this successful engagement, to define a vision for Warwick in India and a medium to long term strategy for how to achieve it with a commitment to identifying specific Indian needs where Warwick can make a difference for everyone's benefit.

The opportunities

In developing the strategy, we are seeking to explore new opportunities, and to enhance the best of our existing activity and connections between Warwick and India.

We will ask many questions, for example:

  • how can we make Warwick campus an attractive place for students from India so as to attract more here?
  • How do we use technology to support large scale education programmes of high quality in India with minimal travel to campus?
  • how can we work with Indian partners to help with capacity development for research in India?
  • how should we be engaging funders in this initiative?

We will explore many opportunities, for example:

  • IGGY in India
  • Global Research Priority themes in India
  • new PhD and masters provision with flexible options
  • dedicated degree programmes to serve large Indian business/government agencies
  • official events, e.g. award ceremonies, public lectures or activity launches in India

We will seek to understand how Warwick might be able to play a role in addressing some of the issues facing students, academics and communities in India.

When is this happening?

We are running a consultation with the University community and key external stakeholders to gather views on the emerging strategy and proposed activities within it.

Complete our questionnaire and you will be entered into a free prize draw to win 4 tickets for the new Bollywood and Street dance drama Break the Floorboards, on at Warwick Arts Centre in May 2013.

Closing date 18 March 2013


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