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Migrants "forced onto even riskier paths" by UK/France deal to patrol Channel: Dr Maurice Stierl

The UK and French governments have agreed a deal to tackle the rise in people crossing the Channel. Dr Maurice Stierl, an expert on migrants' and refugees' rights at borders, offers his expert comment.

Professor Franklyn Lisk on South Africa's xenophobic attacks

Professor Franklyn Lisk, of the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation, discusses the looting and violence in South Africa targeting foreigners in which five people have died.

Is Britain a racist country?

Professor Swaran Singh of the Divison of Mental Health and Wellbeing, Warwick Medical School explores the issue of whether Britian is racist.

International solidarity in providing protection for refugees has broken down - Dr Dallal Stevens

Dr Dallal Stevens , an expert on refugee and asylum law and policy at the University of Warwick has reacted to Hungary’s emergency new legislation introduced overnight.

Tue 15 Sep 2015, 10:29 | Tags: immigration, Migrants, Current Affairs, Law

To prevent senseless suffering and deaths, EU must be prepared to issue ‘Sanctuary Europe Visas’

Dora Kostakopoulou, Professor of European Union Law, European Integration and Public Policy at the University of Warwick reacts to the current migration crisis, she says, "Europe’s leaders can decide to ‘do nothing’, ‘do something’ or to affirm ‘humanness’ all the way."

Mon 07 Sep 2015, 14:05 | Tags: News, Migrants, Expert comment, Europe