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Is the the EU a cause for "hope not fear"? Expert analysis on the trade options

As Boris Johnson attempts to reassure voters that the UK's split from the EU is a cause for "hope not fear" Dr Andreas Kokkinis, School of Law, highlights potential trade arrangments the UK may face post-Brexit.

Overseas deals post Brexit - expert comment

Theresa May will tell Japanese investors in Britain that she wants a Brexit transition deal as soon as possible, her spokesman told reporters today. It comes amid fresh debate among business over Brexit negotiations and it follows a government report that claims economic growth in the North East and West Midlands would suffer most. Dr. Andreas Kokkinis, Assistant Professor, School of Law discusses.

Thu 08 February 2018, 15:44 | Tags: Politics, News, Brexit, School of Law, Expert comment, Policy, Law

EU Enlargement Strategy for the Western Balkans published - Dr Andi Hoxhaj comments.

"The countries of the Western Balkans will have to get much more serious about values such as rule of law, fighting corruption and organised crime, settling bilateral disputes and undertaking a range of other democratic changes in order to join the Union," says Dr Andi Hoxhaj, commenting on the new EU strategy for these six countries.

Thu 08 February 2018, 14:48 | Tags: Law, Faculty of Social Science, European Union

Likely cyberattack on UK would "cause significant social and economic harm" - Dr Benjamin Ferrand

The head of the National Cyber Security Research Centre has warned that it is a matter of "when, not if" a devastating cyberattack on UK infrastructure will occur.

Dr Benjamin Farrand, Associate Professor in the University of Warwick's School of Law and expert in cyber security, comments.

UK compromise on enfranchsing prisoners accepted by the Council of Europe: Expert Comment

Professor Jacqueline Hodgson comments on the news that a small number of prisoners will be given the right to vote after a British compromise offer to extend the franchise in very limited circumstances was accepted by the Council of Europe.

Fri 08 December 2017, 15:32 | Tags: Expert comment, Law, prisons

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