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World's hottest September on record: Professor David Mond

Today, BBC News reported that September was the warmest on record globally, according to the weather service Copernicus. Professor David Mond, from the Warwick Mathematics Institute, provides an expert perspective.

This comment was in The Times on 08/10/2020.

Could storm Dorian hit the UK? Expert comment from Prof Robert Kerr

As it stalls over the Bahamas falling from a Category 5 to a 3 yesterday, the East coast of the US stays on alert as Storm Dorian moves in their direction. Professor Robert Kerr of the Department of Maths and Department of Engineering at the University of Warwick looks at how Dorian could move and if climate change has an impact.

'We are waking up to the urgency of the situation' - Professor David Mond comments on climate change protests

Protests in London to draw attention to the threat of climate change continue to cause disruption today, but are they having an impact on public opinion? Professor David Mond, from the Warwick Mathematics Institute and a researcher into environmental sustainability, argues that we are seeing a change in public perception.

Thu 18 Apr 2019, 13:08 | Tags: environment, Climate change, mathematics, maths

Professor Robert Kerr comments on polar vortex: "It always exists to one degree or another"

The United States has been affected by extreme cold weather due to what is referred to as a polar vortex. Professor Robert Kerr from our School of Engineering, Department of Mathematics and Centre for Scientific Computing explains what a polar vortex is and why it causes this kind of effect.

Thu 31 Jan 2019, 09:42 | Tags: Computer Science, Climate change, mathematics

Could we use maths to talk to aliens? Professor Ian Stewart

Could we use maths to talk to aliens? Professor Ian Stewart from the Department of Mathematics discusses the possibilities with Tom Crawford on The Naked Scientists podcast.